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What are the requirements to enter and access the securitas epay portal: There are certain parameters to access the securitas epay portal. These parameters are called login credentials and should be fulfilled by everyone who likes to enter into the premises of the portal. There are three of such credentials to gain access to the securitas epay portal. First one among them is the employer id. The employr id is the id number given to the employer by the securitas epay portal while they sign up at the portal. This login id of the employer is unique to each and every other employer. The login id of the employer is the same login id as the company id. Now the second credential that is needed includes your employee id which means the id given to you by your employer. The employee id is the id number given to each employee at any firm. If you are not sure of your employee then just contact your employer or line manager and get it from them. The third thing that should be having is the PIN. The PIN serves as the secret password for your account. This PIN should be set by you when you first login into the website of securitas epay. If you are using the securitas epay portal for the firs then the PIN is nothing but your date of birth in the required format provided at the portal. You birthday date works as login PIN only for the first time, once you are logged in for the first then you have to change it according to the format mentioned at the portal. Having your employer id, employee id and the PIN lets you access all the features of the portal. for more information visit: securitas epay | talx paperless pay