Artist Profile: Michael Duane

Michael Duane

12045 Hemlock Street
Overland Park, KS 66213

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I create art in pastel that I call Skyscapes. I live and work in Kansas where the weather can change quickly from sunshine and cool breezes to ominous storms with howling winds. It’s a perfect place for me because of my lifelong fascination with the forces of nature. Using the bold, pure colors and the immediacy of pastels, I combined my love of art with my infatuation with Mother Nature. I go outside to experience the Midwestern weather at its grandest and most dangerous moods to capture the amazing features of sky, clouds and land. I create so you can feel the serenity or the force. I’ve won numerous awards in juried competitions and have achieved both Signature and Master pastelist status in the Mid-America Pastel Society as well as Sugnature status in the Pastel Society of America.