Artist Profile: Robert Haworth

Robert Haworth

266 Hornby Road
Blackpool, NM FY1 4HY

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my motivation comes from deep within my heart and soul because art is my life my artwork does not come from any inspiration around me.but from my feelings and emotions and from my imagination and emotions I feel what I can only describe as a fireball of energy inside me .which is a fusion of feelings and emotions which come out when I paint this energy needs to be controlled and my artwork is an outlet for the energy. When I paint, I see another world which is totally different to the world around me and I feel at one with the paint brush. I need to have silence around me when I work and I feel at one with the paintbrush and no distractions whilst painting I feel calm and relaxed and can escape to another more exciting world in my mind and heart when I look at my work the day after I can see the beauty of what I have created and it gives me great sense of satisfaction and happiness which wells up inside me and makes me feel on top of the world my paintings allow my imagination to run wild and I imagine different worlds and dimensions with strange characters living in them which appears in my work I also like to think deeply about different theories and have a extradentary imagination which is why my work is so distinctive I believe that painting allows me to express myself fully and I can create the most outrages paintings without hurting Eney one some people think that I am strange and mad because they don't understand me but others say that I am unique and like no one they have never met before I cannot change who I am and believe people who don't understand me are still curious. My aim is to be recognized as a unique and talented artist. I would like people to experience the intensity of my paintings and enjoy and talk about them for years to come to discuse further details of paintings email me on Robert Haworth AKA my website