Artist Profile: Geoffrey Benzing

Geoffrey Benzing

615 W 9th St.
Lawrence, KS 66044

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Geoff Benzing Bio Geoff Benzing was born in 1975 in Miami, Florida. He now resides in Lawrence Kansas. He studied art at Wichita State University, and Hutchinson Community College, and took up art as a profession at the age of 29. His first show was at the Fire House Gallery, in Wichita Kansas. Watercolor is Geoff’s favorite medium, but he also uses acrylic, oil and pencil as well. He is inspired by the natural world. Natural colors, mosaics, and wildlife. His influences are: Stephen Quiller and his book called “Color Choices”, Simon Beisley and his graphic novel “Slaine the Horned God”, as well as Gustav Klimpt, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali . Geoff strives to create art that is authentic, engaging and mysterious. Gallery History Fire House Gallery Wichita KS 2004 Olive Gallery Lawrence KS 2006 Kansas Union Gallery Lawrence KS 2008 Friends University Gallery Wichita KS 2011 Apex Gallery KC 2012 SeedCo Gallery (group show) KC 2014 Elentra Gallery Lawrence KS 2015 Cider Gallery (group show) Lawrence KS 2017 Cider Gallery (2 Artist Show) Lawrence KS 2017