Artist Profile: Maura Conry

Maura Conry

8935 Cottonwood Street
Lenexa, KS 66215

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ARTIST’S STATEMENT My work depicts imagery from religion, biology, pharmacy, biology, psychotherapy, and the social sciences in all of which I am formally trained. Spiritual and religious themes still invade my art work, a carryover from my eleven years as a Roman Catholic nun. My life is a deep well of experiences that reveal themselves in symbolic visual images. The work tells of lives past lives lived and long-gone paths traveled. I enjoy the struggle of describing psychological themes giving my work strong Jungian overtones. New Orleans, the place of my birth, is a creative milieu that births creativity. Growing up in the bayous of Louisiana launched my unique life and led me down many divergent paths. In my youth, I became a religious where I was trained to be a pharmacist, but left the convent to “become an artist.” I immediately enrolled in Fine Arts at University of Houston where I spent the next four glorious years. Marriage to a NASA professional brought me a son and a divorce requiring me to raise my son and nurture my art career at the same time. A bout of breast cancer years ago changed my life path again. All of these past experiences significantly impact my work and enrich its imagery. Of late my work has taken a more whimsical turn juxtaposing the images of antiquity with contemporary (and even banal) themes with a penchant for humor and satire.