Artist Profile: Zyandric Jones


Old FishermanTitle: Old Fisherman


Size:27.25" x 33"


Zyandric Jones

P. O. Box CB -11450
Nassau, MO ooooo

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Zyandric Jones is a digital/traditional artist and photographer as well as a freelance graphic designer. He has exhibited in fine art shows and his work can be found in numerous private collections in The Bahamas and other countries. He has also held positions on numerous creative committees in Abaco. "The world itself bombards our senses and emotions whether we like it or not; and this is where I draw my inspiration. Everything from films and fashion to natural disasters and everyday conversations play heavily on my perception of life, existence and reality. The infinite amount of mediums, methods and styles are awe inspiring, therefore I cannot conform to one, even if I wanted to. My goal is to create purposeful and meaningful work "