Artist Profile: Amie Jacobsen


ExuberanceTitle: Exuberance


Size:58"x 43.5"



RevelryTitle: Revelry


Size:45" x 28"



SpiritedTitle: Spirited


Size:19" x 36.5"


Amie Jacobsen

8003 W 149th Ter
Overland Park, KS 66223

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Amie Jacobsen is a multi-facetted artist and designer currently producing work in sculpture, artisan furniture, and painting. A lifelong artist, Amie began selling paintings still in her teens. She studied study studio art in college while taking commissions and showing paintings in local galleries. After college, with a budding family, Amie turned to illustration as a outlet for her artistic endeavors and pursued her MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), graduation in 2006. She was then invited back to the school to teach in the Illustration and Foundations departments, and continued to teach for SCAD eLearning for 8 years after relocating Kansas City in 2007. During her time with SCAD, she authored 3 graduate level courses for the school’s Illustration department and illustrated 12 children’s books, including the Spenser Nation series. Her work has also been seen in magazines, products, packaging, advertising, apparel. At the age of 40, Amie walked into a metal fabrication shop. She was beginning to produce fine art paintings and mixed media work for galleries again, incorporating wood, plaster, screws, nails, and paint. From a family of builders and “DYIers” she was comfortable around tools and construction materials. On a whim, she thought it might be useful to learn to weld. In a serendipitous twist of fate, she soon became the in-house designer and resident artist at Machine Head, in Kansas City, MO, and spent the next two years learning metal work. Today Amie’s work includes steel sculptures, artisan furniture and décor, and she still loves to paint. “Art is the uniquely human ability to purposely enhance our experience of life. We use it to communicate ideas and emotions, decorate and beautify our world, and tell stories about our viewpoint. It is, quite literally, the ‘icing on the cake’. It is a vital element to create a thriving society. My artwork has become increasingly spontaneous and whimsical, yet I strive to maintain a sense of elegance. I have always been heavily influenced by my love of nature and organic forms, and I think those qualities are apparent in my metal pieces as well. I want my work to contribute to enhancing an environment. I want it to make people stop, experience the moment, and smile. Each piece is an expression of joy, and the celebration of the amazing human ability to take raw materials and reform them into something new.”