Artist Profile: Amy Michelle Asher


Consumption and Consequence 2013Title: Consumption and Consequence 2013


Size:60" x 60"


Amy Michelle Asher

3013 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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I have been a horticulturist and landscape designer for 15 years. I design residential landscaping and outdoor spaces that fit the needs and dreams of each homeowner. After graduating the University of Kansas with a BFA in 1998 I have continued to paint and show my work in group and independent shows in Kansas CIty as well as Philadelphia and Brooklyn, NY. I work large with mixed media, and a lot of layers, scraping back into layers here and there to bring out images, lines, networks, and relationships. Migration has been an intriguing subject for a few years. Not only because I have been continually migrating from place to place since 2007, but also watching weather patterns and the impact on plants and animals. Plants that love zone 7 temperatures are migrating to what is considered zone 5, animals are looking for water rather than warmth. The impact of human consumption on our world around us is always a topic in the news, but for me it is the way I see. Movement is a big part of my work, and the way I work, by studying different ways to move media around the canvas, using movement, mixing mediums, and pulling out elements from behind the layers.