Artist Profile: Amy Allen

Amy Allen

3611 SW Woodvalley TER
Topeka, KS 66614

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Topeka, Kansas based acrylic artist, Amy Allen, spent the first half of her life moving frequently, switching towns, schools and/or homes every year or two. These continual transitions fueled her curiosity and instilled a love of exploration, seeing new places, and learning new things. Constants in her life have been art and a love of stargazing and the natural world. Her art currently focuses on personal interrelationships with nature, the cosmos, energy and spirituality; as well as healing through a connection to the inner child, and the experience of the personal internal world. Amy creates her pieces in the dot art style incorporating thousands of hand-painted dots, using bright colors, mandalas, basic shapes and texture. She is a former clinical psychologist, who currently homeschools her two children and creates art as often as she can.